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Cfinancials covers stocks in 125 markets

L'AGEFI: Thursday, December 9th 2010

The financial platform provides access to information that had previously been very difficult to obtain. It ultimately plans to provide data on 712,253 stocks.

The financial portal Cfinancials today moved into a major new phase in its plan to become a veritable reference base. The progressive inclusion of stocks from 125 different markets worldwide, with very strong emerging market coverage. Ultimately, the database will provide information on 712,253 stocks.

The single search interface, which offers the ability to combine predefined criteria with free text input, is naturally also available for stocks. The founder and executive chairman of Cfinancials, Michael Heijmeijer, who is determined to take advantage of the potential offered by web functionality to provide users with a wide range of search options, nevertheless plans to add an additional user level: access to an expanded database, free of charge, but protected by a login and password, a veritable mid-point between the platform open to all web users and the premium pay version.

Within this password protected area, Cfinancials once again surprises with regard to the depth of the data on offer, providing a wide range of criteria with which to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the stock and of the issuers. Information that was previously very difficult to access, even on paying information platforms.

Price-earnings or price-book value ratios are naturally available over a number of periods, factoring in the presence or absence of extraordinary items, as is information on dividend yield trends. The list even includes a company’s expenditure on research and development. Information on the shareholder base as well as on director trading is also available.

It should be recalled that the site’s progressive development, on a quarterly basis, started with funds and ETFs, followed by access to structured products and financial reports. Indexes will be included early next year, another major milestone, notably covering bonds, futures and warrants, and is scheduled for March 2011.