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New Products on the Internet: Search like the Pros

Bilanz: Friday, January 28th 2011

Affordable pensions and financial data normally only available to professionals. That is what new online platforms offer to private investors.

A few thousand products are still missing. But very soon the young financial platform Cfinancials from Western Switzerland will have succeeded. Prices, metrics and news can then be accessed for all of the approximately ten million publicly-traded financial products and quoted securities. And all that is available for visitors to the site at no charge, emphasizes President Yves Aellig. The quality of some data can, still be improved. For example, only Rieter's 2008 annual report is currently available on the site. In addition, online trading is not possible.

It is different at MSN Trader, the new Microsoft internet site. At the moment this site is still only available in England. But the platform is based upon a portal that already exists in Switzerland: SaxoWebTrader from the Danish Saxo Bank. The extensive search and analysis capabilities on this site are not, however, free of charge. Someone performing less than five transactions a month pays a monthly fee of 65 euros.

The VermögensZentrum has tailored its newest internet offering specifically to Swiss investors. Customers can save directly for their 3a pillar retirement plans using affordable ETFs and listed index funds. They make their selection from both ETFs listed on the Swiss stock exchange and from a range of additional index funds. At the same time compliance with investment regulations for fixed retirement plans is guaranteed.