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The data portal Cfinancials expands its presence

Finanztip: Friday, January 28th 2011

Recently we introduced you to the new data portal in the 39/10 edition of 'Finanztip'. This site now contains information on approximately 120,000 securities for readers who want information about current prices and news regarding the stocks portrayed in our publication. Anyone seeking such information via the internet as a complement to our publication will quickly find what they are looking for at this Swiss site. In addition, and in contrast to portals such as Bloomberg, they will not have to pay anything for the information. Initially there were some complaints from German readers about the detour via a password to reach the site but a password is no longer necessary to access the site. In an interview with 'Finanztip' the company CEO Michael Heijmeijer stated: We unlocked access for German investors because our improved computer technology now allows us to easily serve such a large unrestricted group of users at the desired speed. Users can now perform data searches based upon 29 criteria and then use the connections to numerous annual reports. He modestly adds that this capability is: A step closer to financial happiness. The newcomer does not need funding from investors because it is a pure information portal. Instead it makes its money from advertising and the analysis of user data. Based upon its usage statistics Cfinancials is able to determine for banks which products are currently in demand. Although the previously announced activation of bond data in the system has been postponed from its originally planned start date of December 2010, this segment of the site is now planned for March. We are excited and will keep you informed!