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List of the best stocks:

Finanztip: Friday, December 9th 2011

In our current document, you will find a list of the 150 German stocks that have so far shown the best performance this year. In Finance Tip of November 23rd, we introduced you to one such survey that picked us out. In comparison, what stands out is that these companies, with market value of at least EUR 50 million and stock with a 4% loss, make it onto these short lists, because a weak year on the stock exchange with 14% loss to date on the Dax is drawing to a close. In this regard, it is interesting that many stocks that were on a roll about six months ago, such as Schuler or Leica, continue to do well. Some of our recommendations are also included in the list of winners, including Villeroy & Boch, up 35% or Südzucker, up 15%. Meanwhile, Cfinancials has expanded its offer further so that you can now find, for example, well over 57,000 bond prices on the website.