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Financial Intelligence Writ Large

L'AGEFI: Tuesday, February 5th 2013

cfinancials. The financial data supplier continues to grow, along with its databases

S&P Capital IQ is the latest to contribute to the influx of products available on cfinancials. 3 million additional shares will now be available on their platform. S&P Capital IQ, a sister company of Standard & Poors and a subsidiary of McGraw-Hill, is focusing on the US market and brings cfinancials a range of Munis (US local government bonds) and mortgage-backed securities (MBS), thanks to which cfinancials is now able to offer 15 million financial products online.

To enable detection of system trends and the growth of toxic assets, Rolle has just brought out its True Market Risk Indicator (TMRI), a universal monitoring tool which can evaluate the total risk of loss for any financial product. Based on a rating of between 0-100 and available in real time, the company’s risk indicator takes into account price fluctuations, liquidity, volatility and each product’s relative and contextual value, i.e. those relating to the issuer as well as underlying values.

The product range comprises 4% equity, 5% funds, 23% derivatives, 30% structured products and 38% securities (including MBSs)

cfinancials’ client base, which is already very international, is also expanding. In addition to financial institutions, they are also now seeing supranational institutions such as the European Parliament.

Suddenly the company is booming and it has just appointed a CFO and communications specialist. It also wishes to expand its team and is now looking for a sales director. Company CEO Michael Heijmeijer also plans to extend their activity to the USA with offices in New York and San Francisco.