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Cfinancials' Press Release: Tuesday, May 4th 2010

Cfinancials SA, a private equity company founded in 2009 with its headquarters in Lausanne Switzerland, will make available 6.5 million financial instruments through The entire world of financial products will be made available to the general public for free.

Chairman of the Board, Yves Aellig, explains ... that in close partnership with the Six Group and other major providers, will provide some much needed fresh air in the financial system by allowing greater financial transparency and better product communication... has several added-value services which could benefit the broad public, companies around the world and the investment community in general. The following services will be available soon: 1) the world of financial products (free of charge) 2) promotional services 3) premium services 4) institutional services and 5) private equity services. Cfinancials is a comparison and communication tool for the world of financial products.

The site will go public soon and we are delighted that so many, private individuals, institutions and professional have expressed interest in our services.

SIX Telekurs provides international securities information to a reliable data source for an innovative new player

SIX Telekurs, a division of the SIX Group, is a leader in the sourcing and distribution of real time market and financial data in Switzerland and across international markets. The company, headquartered in Zurich, has recently announced that it will act as a primary financial data provider to the newly created company and financial information portal, is an exciting new player in the marketplace as it provides the investment community with promotional services, product analysis and customized interfaces for financial portals. says Fritz Hediger, Global Head of Sales at SIX Telekurs.

Mr. Hediger thinks that will make access to international financial information much easier for market participants and will contribute to market transparency. provides access to 6.5 million products so that the world of financial products can be viewed by both the general public and professionals. We wish every success!