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Cfinancials announces Shares to be released on December 9th 2010

Cfinancials' Press Release: Wednesday, December 8th 2010

Shares on will be released to the public on December 9th 2010. Over 98% of all shares listed worldwide from 125 exchanges will be freely and easily accessible by the public and professionals alike.

The final count will exceed 700.000 quotations with 80 fields ranging from description, earnings per share, dividend per share, dividend yield, price/earning ratio, market capitalisation, highs, lows, trading day volume, performances,  average volumes, volatility 30/100/200 days, momentum, moving averages, beta, correlations to outperformances. All prices and ratios are based on EoD (End of Day) prices.

An advanced version will also be made available and free of charge with an additional 300 fields such as Cash Flow, Depreciation, Dividends, EBIT, EPS, LT Debt, Net Income, Loans, Operating Margins, Payout Ratio, P/E, Price to Equity, Quick Ratio, Revenue, Return on Average Asset, Book value, Tax Rate, Beta, Institutional Ownership, Current Ratio, Shares Outstanding, and much more...

Shares can be searched according to 29 distinct criteria: Currency, Domicile, Exchange, Sector, Industry, Market Capitalisation, Earnings per Share, Price/Earning Ratio, Dividend per Share, Dividend Yield, Performance Last Quote, Performance Year to Date, Performance 1 Week, Performance 1 Month, Performance 1 Year, Volatility 30 Days, Volatility 250 Days, Momentum 30 Days, Momentum 250 Days, Moving Average 30 Days, Moving Average 200 Days, Beta 30 Days, Beta 250 Days, Correlation 30 Days, Correlation 250 Days, Outperforming 1 Week, Outperforming 4 Weeks, Outperforming 52 weeks and Textual Search. offers comparisons and graphing capabilities going back up to 10 years. It is a first for the industry to be able to access the full universe of stocks freely and easily and with just a few clicks to be able to compare and graph all shares. All data provided by cfinancials is based on factual information.