Big Data Technology for Investor Protection provides 1.4 million fact sheets, reports, prospectuses and documents on funds

Cfinancials' Press Release: Monday, February 28th 2011

Cfinancials.comĀ is releasing 1.4 million documents on funds in a partnership with FundInfo AG. The documents consists of Annual Reports, Monthly Reports & Facts Sheets and Prospectuses in German, English, French and Italian covering markets such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, Spain and Singapore.

Annual reports on funds contain financial highlights, the letter to shareholders, narrative text, graphics and photos, management's discussionĀ and analysis, financial statements, notes to the financial statements, auditor's report, summary financial data and corporate information.

Fact sheets and monthly reports on funds are issued monthly and contain current information about the funds' performance, portfolios and brief commentaries.

A prospectus outlines the fund's mission and direction, past performances and a guideline to the investment strategy.

We are pleased to announce that provides the greatest and most complete database in the world for funds, funds of funds, Exchange Traded Fund and all that free of charge with easy access.