Big Data Technology for Investor Protection to give full transparency to Structured Products using the latest Information Technology

Cfinancials' Press Release: Monday, August 29th 2011

Cfinancials is pleased to announce the company's latest product, Product Mastering.

Product Mastering is a monitoring and classification tool for the executive team of a bank, as well as a marketing and selling tool for a relationship manager and a transparency and alert tool for a client. Product Mastering is accessible from any digital network (PC, Laptop, iPad or mobile) and available to an unlimited number of users. It is at the cutting edge of information technology and facilitates the most advanced monitoring, transparency and marketing services for Structured Products today. Today,  Executive Management, Relationship Managers and Clients use Product Mastering by as a working tool. 

Executive Management is able to a) classify all products for regulatory purposes b) monitor all products and their underlying securities for risk and advisory purposes c) manage the statistics of the product d) access the service from any digital network around the globe and e) have a unique selling point regarding financial transparency on Structured Products.

Relationship Managers are able to a) monitor all products and their underlying securities for proactive communication with the client b) promote the service for marketing purposes c) access the services from any digital network around the globe d) customize alerts on pricing and news e) exercise price simulations on products to inform a client proactively and f) have a full overview of the portfolio at a glance.

Clients are able to a) closely monitor the inner workings of a product b) follow the price evolution of each underlying security c) customize alerts on prices and news d) access the service from any digital network around the globe and e) achieve transparency on Structured Products.

Product Mastering meets the regulatory and classification requirements of financial authorities.

The company's database references over 98% of all underlying securities with historical prices up to 10 years in addition to hosting peripheral data such as term sheets, news wires, reporting and factsheets.
On account of the very nature of our business the product implementation period is short and our pricing competitive.

A demonstration of the product can be arranged at your convenience.

For any query, please contact us at +41 848 484 181 or contact us.