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Finanztip: June 2011

List of the best shares: Which shares have performed particularly well recently? It could be that they include securities that will continue to do well, asks a Westphalian investor with a pro-cyclical investment strategy. In fact, trends often have a certain staying power. We are therefore offering you a special service in today's supplement: has picked out for us the German shares with the best price performance in the last twelve months from its listing of stock prices that has reached about 120,000 individual listings in the meantime. In order to find liquid shares only, the Swiss have limited their data mining to companies with a minimum of EUR 50 million market value. Among the 150 stocks with the best performance, you see many cyclical technology shares that were able to outpace the DAX (+20%) starting June 1 of last year until May 31 of this year. The Swiss, meanwhile, have kept their word and have expanded their price listings even further (refer to 'finanztip' 04/11). In the meantime, investors are able to find there at no charge the current prices of bonds, currencies and indices.  Founder and CEO Michael Heijmeijer: The company is pursuing a strategy of sourcing all products from all markets across the world. Futures & Warrants will be released over the summer. Additional products will be added to the existing product line over the course of the year. 'finanztip' readers who are looking in the internet for the current prices of their investments are also using Cfinancials more and more. These readers still make their investment decision and choice of individual security using 'finanztips'. At Cfinancials, they can then immediately track on a daily basis where the security has been trading, at what price and with what volume. A great combination!

Download: The best german stocks (.pdf, 229 kB)