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Banque et Finance: Friday, August 26th 2011

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Hedge Funds8.000
Fund of Funds23.000
Structured Products415.000
Pipeline Products1.000
New Products20.000
Money Markets412.000
Initial Public Offering1.000
Private Equity5.000
Private Placements400.000
Financial Reporting135.000

1. Based on 1'683 Funds 20.07.2011 (Source ThomsonReuters Lipper)

Best performing funds YTD. Criteria Domiciled CH, CH Focus in CHF.

Perf YTD % Fund Name Price Date Fund Type AssetType ISIN
19.23UBS (CH) Property Fd-Direct Residential07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0026465366
13.29Julius Baer Physical Silver-CHF A07.20.11ETFOtherCH0106405894
13.25Julius Baer Physical Silver-CHF AX07.20.11ETFOtherCH0106406199
9.69AS Avadis - Private Equity Welt II07.20.11FundOtherCH0010932652
9.48AS Avadis - Private Equity Welt IV07.20.11FundOtherCH0019606083
8.19LA FONCIERE07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0002782263
7.79UBAM (CH) GOLD + (CHF) AH07.20.11FundEquityCH0117983137
7.58Testina Anlagegruppe C07.19.11FundEquityCH0031077628
7.39Procimmo Swiss Commercial Fund07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0033624211
7.27AS Avadis - Immobilien Europa07.20.11FundEquityCH0011219844
6.68AS Avadis - Private Equity Nordamerika07.20.11FundOtherCH0006349135
6.66SF Property Securities Fund CH I07.20.11Fund of FundsEquityCH0045826101
6.6SF Property Securities Fund CH R07.20.11Fund of FundsEquityCH0045826085
6.59SF Property Securities Fund CH07.20.11Fund of FundsEquityCH0026674181
6.54CS ETF II (CH) on Gold - hedged CHF07.20.11ETFOtherCH0104136285
6.37Julius Baer Physical Gold Fund-CHF AX07.20.11ETFOtherCH0044821731
6.37Julius Baer Physical Gold Fund-CHF A07.20.11ETFOtherCH0044781232
6.18UBS IS - Gold (CHF) hedged ETF I07.20.11ETFOtherCH0106027136
6.15UBS IS - Gold (CHF) hedged ETF A07.20.11ETFOtherCH0106027128
6.04Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund PropertyPlus07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0045159842

2. Based on 1'548 Funds 20.07.2011 (Source ThomsonReuters Lipper)

Best performing Funds 1 Year. Criteria Domiciled CH in CHF.

Perf 1Y % Fund Name Price Date Fund Type AssetType ISIN
82.59Julius Baer Physical Silver-CHF AX07.20.11ETFOtherCH0106406199
82.59Julius Baer Physical Silver-CHF A07.20.11ETFOtherCH0106405894
66.92Julius Baer Physical Palladium-CHF A07.20.11ETFOtherCH0106407239
66.92Julius Baer Physical Palladium-CHF AX07.20.11ETFOtherCH0106407320
46.48UBS (CH) Property Fd-Direct Residential07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0026465366
44.73ZKB Silver ETF A (CHF)07.20.11ETFOtherCH0029792717
39.6PAM Gold & Silver Mining & Metals Fund07.20.11FundEquityCH0042829561
35.8All Commodity Tracker Plus Ah07.20.11FundOtherCH0049136812
35.19All Commodity Tracker Plus Ch07.20.11FundOtherCH0049136820
32.98ZKB Palladium ETF07.20.11ETFOtherCH0029792683
27.8Sarasin Commodity - Diversified07.20.11Fund of FundsOtherCH0023789099
25.04Testina Anlagegruppe C07.19.11FundEquityCH0031077628
24.89UBS (CH) Commodity Fund - CHF I-X07.20.11FundOtherCH0048804659
24.48BCV DIAPASON Commodity (CHF) C07.20.11Fund of FundsOtherCH0024637180
24.13UBS (CH) Commodity Fund - CHF I-6207.20.11FundOtherCH0048503335
23.95BCV DIAPASON Commodity (CHF) B07.20.11Fund of FundsOtherCH0024636968
23.92Reichmuth Pilatus07.20.11FundEquityCH0013728990
23.88ZKB Ressourcen Vision Fonds A07.20.11FundEquityCH0022736166
23.67Swisscanto (CH) Commodity Selection Fund I07.20.11FundOtherCH0028896592
23.59Swisscanto (CH) IFS2-International RE Assets AST07.20.11FundEquityCH0025663565
23.52Swisscanto AST Avant Immobilien Ausland07.20.11Fund of FundsEquityCH0025650778
23.4BCV DIAPASON Commodity (CHF) A07.20.11Fund of FundsOtherCH0024634401

3. Based on 1'161 Funds 20.07.2011 (Source ThomsonReuters Lipper)

Best performing Funds 3 Years. Criteria Domiciled CH in CHF.

Perf 3Y % Fund Name Price Date Fund Type AssetType ISIN
61.66ZKB Silver ETF A (CHF)07.20.11ETFOtherCH0029792717
61UBS (CH) Property Fd-Direct Residential07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0026465366
56.1BAM Equity Trading Fund (CHF)07.20.11FundEquityCH0033224889
46.66Quantex Strategic Precious Metal07.20.11FundEquityCH0019182366
39.18UBS (CH) Property Fd-Swiss Residential 'Anfos'07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0014420829
35.17CSA - Real Estate Switzerland Pooled Investments L07.20.11Fund of FundsReal EstateCH0031094334
35.13Immo Helvetic07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0002770102
34.8CSA - Real Estate Switzerland Pooled Investments07.20.11Fund of FundsReal EstateCH0031081455
32.95Swisscanto (CH) IBF - Global High Yield I07.20.11FundBondCH0030955865
32.45ZKB Gold ETF A (CHF)07.20.11ETFOtherCH0024391002
32.42Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund PropertyPlus07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0045159842
32.03ZKB Palladium ETF07.20.11ETFOtherCH0029792683
31.04FIR Fonds Immobilier Romand07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0014586710
30.96LA FONCIERE07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0002782263
30.88Valartis Swiss Small & Mid Cap Selection Fund07.20.11FundEquityCH0021864977
30.82UBS (CH) Property Fd-Leman Residential 'Foncipars'07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0014420852
30.19UBS (CH) Property Fd-Swiss Mixed 'Sima'07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0014420878
28.5ZIF Obligationen CHF D107.20.11FundBondCH0026033602
28.45ZIF Obligationen CHF A107.20.11FundBondCH0026033560
28.17ZHA - Obligationen CHF 15+07.20.11FundBondCH0023842088
27.91Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Siat07.20.11FundReal EstateCH0012913700
27.77UBS (CH) Inst Fd-Swiss Real Estate Selection I-X07.20.11FundEquityCH0035433595
26.41UBS AST Immoparts Schweiz I-A007.20.11Fund of FundsReal EstateCH0003937304
26.17CSIF Switzerland Real Estate Fund Index Z07.20.11Fund of FundsReal EstateCH0036599816